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Ghost Sightings - Electricmagnetic Fields:

Our thoughts and sense are caused by nothing else but chemical and electromagnetic interactions within our brain, according to neuroscience. Thus, disruptions by environmental factors can make our sense/thoughts disordered. Because of this, neuroscientists have proposed a reason for ghost sightings – electromagnetic disruptions to our brain.

This phenomenon is similar to temporal lobe epilepsy, so before I start, let me make things clear: temporal lobe epilepsy is a brain disorder which occurs only in some; while hallucinations caused by electromagnetic disruptions in the temporal lobe can happen to anyone – but it isn’t epilepsy. And if anyone doubts that temporal lobe seizures are related to hallucinations, do note that there have been studies positively correlating temporal lobe sensitivity in normal individuals with paranormal experiences.

Electromagnetic Disruption

The scientific paper The Neuropsychiatry of Paranormal Experiences by Michael A. Persinger, Ph.D., C.Psych. states that

If structure dictates function and microstructure within the brain determines or directs microfunction, then one would expect classes of experiences to be associated with specific regions of the brain or the patterns of activity generated within these area……

Both the occurrence of paranormal experiences and their rates of incidence are associated with specific types of neuronal activity within the temporal lobes…….

The sources of the stimuli that evoke the neuroelectrical changes may range from properties intrinsic to chaotic activity, with minimal veridicality, to external information that is processed by mechanisms not known to date.

It is thus understood since different parts of the brains are associated with different brain processes and activities, abnormal neuronal activity within any part will also cause certain processes to work wrongly, and in the case of the temporal lobes, it’s paranormal experiences.

However, the most important point here is that the sources of these neuroelectrical disruptions can be both external and internal, which means that environmental factors can affect our brain’s activities.

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