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Haunted Location > Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital

King Seat Hospital, One of New Zealand’s most forbidding psychiatric hospitals. King seat is now close and has been since July 1999, when patients were re-located off the complex to a mental health unit in Otara.The construction of King Seat Hospital in believed to have started in 1929, with 29 patients from mental institutions from all over the nearby areas, came to the site with nothing but work gear, 12 wheelbarrows, 10 shovels and the will of those in charge to build something that would stand for institutions all over New Zealand.

Believed to be something they could be proud of, I am sure if they could have realised just what they created, they would not be so proud.Kingseat Hospital was named after a hospital in Aberdeenshire, in Scotland following Dr Grey (the Director-General of the Mental Health Division of the Health Department at the time) returning from an overseas trip, who felt it appropriate to have a sister hospital with the same name in New Zealand.
Flower gardens, shrubs and trees were grown in the grounds of Kingseat Hospital such as surplus plants from the Ellerslie Racecourse and Norfolk Island pines originally seeds from Sir George Grey's garden on 

Kingseat Hospital the former psychiatric hospital that is considered to be one of New Zealand's notorious haunted locations with over one hundred claims of apparitions being reported, as of 2011. It is located in Karaka, New Zealand, south of Auckland and since 2005 has been used as a site for Spookers; a New Zealand attraction that is believed to be Australasia's only haunted attraction scream park as of 2011, and "the number 1 Haunted Attraction in the Southern Hemisphere". According to, Kingseat Hospital is the number one haunted spot in New Zealand. Problem with these claims, is that no real paranormal investigation greap has or may ever be able to investigate the hospital. Until such a investigation takes place we just have to take the words of those who once worked and lived behind the wall and razor wire that is Kingseat hospital. It is said that one of the reason no real paranormal investigation has or will take place in the near future is due to the court cases of miss treatment going through the courts, that along with the sale of the place, the new owner did not want the idea the place was haunted out there, a little late it seems.

More than 200 people have come forward in recent months to file complaints against the government, claiming they were mistreated in New Zealand's psychiatric institutions during the 1960s and 1970s. Many of the complainants, who were between 8 and 16 years of age at the time, said that they were heavily over-medicated, unwillingly subjected to electro-shock treatment, and placed in isolation for long periods of time -- sometimes for months.
Dozens of legal claims have been filed in the High Court, each asking for as much as $500,000 in compensation and up to $50,000 in exemplary damages. The government has expressed an interest in resolving the complaints.
Until a few months ago, officials had believed the abuses were confined to two former institutions. As more claimants came forward, nearly all of the country's psychiatric hospitals had been implicated. Most of the facilities either are closed or no longer operate as mental institutions.
Last month, the government announced that it paid an average of $47,000 to 88 people to compensate them for the mistreatment they suffered while at the child and adolescent unit of Lake Alice Hospital.
The average age of the patients at the time of the alleged abuse was 11 years. When we read this above statement we soon see how such plaves could hold such dark energies and have claims of paranormal within, the one who complained are the lucky one, the claims of the amount who passed away within the walls on Kingseat is scary.

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